Disputes can be resolved more efficiently and at less cost with the independent State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) becoming the ‘one-stop-shop’ for strata disputes.

  • This change has replaced the old process where strata disputes can be heard in multiple courts as well as SAT.
  • It can be difficult for people to understand which court should hear a case and expensive to engage lawyers and advisors, resulting in many disputes being left unresolved.

Who needs to know?

  • Strata owners and tenants
  • Strata managers
  • Strata council members

What's changed?

All strata disputes will be heard by SAT - an independent tribunal which will be the ‘one stop shop’ for strata disputes.

  • SAT is less formal and has more flexible procedures than those used in traditional courts. It is designed to provide a more appropriate and timely means for people to obtain administrative justice.
  • Strata disputes will now have a much better chance of resolution, at a faster rate and lower cost.
  • Debt recovery (e.g. taking action to recover any unpaid levies) continues to be dealt with in the courts.

Additional information