Strata managers will be given a clear framework of their responsibilities to deliver more consistent standards across the industry.

  • The changes will introduce statutory duties for strata managers and require them to have a written contract with the strata company, specifying the functions they are contracted to perform.

What's changing

  • The current Act does not refer to strata managers. The new laws will introduce a comprehensive set of statutory duties for the strata manager role.
  • Introducing responsibilities and duties into the new laws will mean that strata managers will have more clarity on their role, as will the strata company and strata council.
  • Strata companies will be further protected with new powers to end strata management contracts and obtain compensation if a strata manager breaches their statutory duties.
  • To track the state of the industry and gather evidence as to whether licensing might be an appropriate step in future, the regulations will require strata managers to lodge an information statement with Landgate about schemes they manage.

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